Why gangster family values are not conducive to large-scale problem-solving.

Kissing the hand of the Don… Illustration by Janina Lamb

Questions to ask yourself if you are a gangster:

How much can I get away with? How far can I game the system to get what I want? How many pussies can I grab and how many people can I shoot on 5th Avenue before someone tries to stop me? Why should I try to hide who/what I am…

I had the jitters before the election, and I still have the jitters.

I wish I had these kind of jitters… Lee Celledoni dancing the Jitterbug. (Wikimedia Commons)

Before the election I’m thinking, if Trump wins, maybe I can move to another country. Maybe I can hide under the bed for four more years.

Because aside from the substantive damage Trump does to everything he touches (like the Midas touch, only instead of everything turning to gold, it…

Janina Lamb

In love with mystery, complexity, art, and soul. lamblionstudio.com

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